How to Watch ‘9-1-1: Lonestar’ Online – Live Stream Season 1


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It’s always fun to start watching a brand new show, but it’s even more exciting when that show is a spin-off of a series you already love. 9-1-1: Lonestar is an upcoming show that features Rob Lowe. We intend to watch the show online, and we think that you should be doing the very same thing.

9-1-1: Lonestar is a show that features Rob Lowe in the main role as Owen Strand, Liv Tyler as Michelle Blake, and Jim Parrack as Judd Ryder. The show follows the story of Owen Strand, who’s a New York firefighter who decides to relocate to Austin with his son. He needs to figure out how best to balance work and his own private life.

Taking their place as the new heroes of Austin. #911LoneStar

— 9-1-1: Lone Star (@911LoneStar) January 11, 2020

The spin-off from the original 9-1-1 show was announced back in May 2019, so it’s been in the works for quite some time now.

When and Where to Watch 9-1-1: Lonestar?

9-1-1: Lonestar will be premiering on Fox on January 19th, starting at 10 PM. A second episode will air on January 20th and further episodes will air every Monday evening.

How Can I Live Stream 9-1-1: Lonestar?

Watching 9-1-1: Lonestar online is something that is super easy to do because there are so many platforms that were created specifically to help you achieve this easily. Nowadays, we get to take advantage of a lot of platforms that help us enjoy loads of content over the Internet, which makes our lives easier because we no longer have to run back home to watch our favorite shows, for instance. When it comes to watching 9-1-1: Lonestar online, we think that your best option is to choose fuboTV, which is a service that comes with a single bundle of channels. Fox is on their list in the main bundle, but if you do want more content you can do that by picking any of the available channel packs or premium networks. Start your 7-day free trial on fuboTV now!

There are also a lot of apps available for fuboTV so you get to enjoy the content on pretty much every device you may have at home. The fuboTV app works on Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, or Roku, iOS and Android phones and tablets, and more. You can also watch with the help of your browser if you’d rather use your computer. (Note: Fox is a channel that is only available in select markets even when using an online platform, so if you live in an area that does not normally get coverage for the network, you can use a VPN to connect to a server that’s located in a different city, where the channel is available. Click here to find out how you can use the VPN.)

Here’s how you can set up your 7-day free trial on fuboTV:

  • You’re going to have to start by visiting the fuboTV website and tapping the “Start free trial” button.
  • On the page you get redirected to, you can provide an email address and your password to set up an account. There is also the option of using social login buttons from Facebook or Twitter to shorten the process just a little bit.
  • Then, you get to set up your account by choosing the plan that you want to go for. fubo Standard is your main option, but you can also go for the Family or Ultra plans, that include extra channel packs or premium networks for you available at discount prices.
  • You can also customize the subscription yourself by adding any of the channel packs or premium networks available or adding add-ons to increase the number of devices you can watch content simultaneously on.
  • They also need your card details so they can set up the payment process. You will not be charged until the free trial is complete.

Other Ways to Watch 9-1-1: Lonestar

Sling TV – This live TV service is pretty awesome and is called Sling TV. It comes with three different bundles, but Fox is only present in two of these bundles, namely Blue and Orange + Blue. Your choice in bundles will influence the number of devices you can watch content on. For example, subscribers can watch TV on up to three devices at the same time, while the Orange + Blue subscribers get to enjoy up to four simultaneous streams. As a side note, Orange subscribers can only watch TV on one device at a time. Start your subscription by saving money in the first month! This platform is easily customizable, which means that you can add a ton of channel packs to your subscription so you can enjoy more content.

Hulu – One other platform that you can subscribe to his Hulu, which features a single bundle of channels that you can easily subscribe to. You will find that Fox is available in the main bundle, but you can also add a couple of extra channel packs if you’re looking for more content. Start your 7-day free trial on Hulu now! One cool thing about subscribing to Hulu’s live TV service is that you also get access to the Hulu video-on-demand library, so you get the best of both worlds.

How Can I Watch 9-1-1: Lonestar When Traveling Outside of the United States?

One of the biggest issues, when you travel abroad, is the fact that you can no longer access the platforms that you have become accustomed to back home. This happens because there are licensing deals in place that prevent these companies from allowing people from beyond the United States to access content that hasn’t been licensed to their specific region. The problem can be fixed relatively easy VPN that will change your IP address so you appear to be in the United States instead of where life actually took you to.

If you’re looking for a recommendation we can direct you towards ExpressVPN, which is one of the platforms that has thousands of servers all over the world, including dozens in the United States, as well as some really great privacy features that will protect your data.

How you can use ExpressVPN to enjoy watching 9-1-1: Lonestar when traveling outside of the United States:

  • You are going to have to subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% OFF), which is something that you will be able to do quite easily once you visit their website. Setting up an account will take only a few minutes of your time and then you will be able to use the tool anytime you need it. You should know that, in case you have to ask for a refund, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • You need to download an app next, as well as to install it. Launch the tool and log in to your account as soon as possible to get access to the service anytime you need it.
  • You’ll have to look for a server next, so you can connect to it. You should make sure that the server is from the United States.
  • The app will let you know when the connection has been established, and you can move forward and launch fuboTV so you can start watching 9-1-1: Lonestar.

Can I Watch 9-1-1: Lonestar on the Network’s Website?

This is something that you will be able to do rather easily as long as you set up an account on the network’s website. You can do this rather easily as soon as you visit the website. In order to set up one of these accounts, you will need to use credentials from your TV provider, whether that is a live TV service or a cable company. (Note: You should be aware that the Fox live stream, as well as any apps belonging to Fox, are geo-blocked so if you’re going to access them when you’re traveling outside of the United States you should keep in mind that the content is restricted so you will need to use a VPN if you want to access any of it. Click here to learn more about exactly what you have to do about it.)

Can I Watch 9-1-1: Lonestar With a TV Antenna?

Watching 9-1-1: Lonestar with a TV antenna is something that you can do rather easily, considering the fact that Fox is one of the last few channels that still broadcast over-the-air, which means that you can access it with the help of one of these antennas. The devices are rather cheap and they enable you to watch dozens of networks in your area for free. This makes antennas such as these rather popular among the cord-cutters.

We do think that, before you make any commitment to one of these services, you should visit a site such as NoCable, where you can read more about the networks that are available in your location and how far they are from your home. The latter part will help you figure out what the range you need your device to have so you can watch as many networks as possible with your antenna. You should also check the devices we listed above in case any of them have the right features for your household.

Can I Binge-watch 9-1-1: Lonestar?

That is something that you can do rather easily, but you will only be able to binge-watch them once more episodes are available. New episodes from Fox shows are usually available to watch on the Fox website, but you need to use credentials from your TV provider to access the content. Episodes will also be available to watch on platforms like Hulu, so make sure to check those out as well if you have an account.

Can I Purchase Episodes From 9-1-1: Lonestar?

You most certainly can do this rather easily because everything that you need to do is to visit platforms like Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Amazon Prime, and Vudu. You should check all the available links in case any of them have a better price that will help you save some money.